Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives are designed to achieve high optical and bonding performance on display modules, especially those using multiple substrates or with unique curved design. Henkel LOCA is a low or medium viscosity adhesive which cures instantaneously when exposed to UV light.


LOCA are used for optical lamination of

  • Cover lens bonding - Touch sensor to Cover lens
  • Direct bonding - Displays (LCD, OLED) to Touch sensor/Cover lens
  • Improve optical performance
    Increase contrast ratio by 400% in sunlight
  • Increase display ruggedness & head
    impact resistance
  • Increase in the impact test by up to 3X
  • Extend display reliability
    Optical bonding makes a display more durable to heat, moisture, temperature cycling
  • Offer greater design flexibility Bonding uneven surface and design shape (3D)
  • The opportunity to introduce fully automated optical bonding process Increased quality, yield rate, lower cycle time

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